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Letter to Stakeholder Committee

Letter to the "Stakeholder Committee" suggesting the City focus on Kah Tai poplars and NOT Sims Way poplars.  Admiralty Audubon members are advocating for removing all poplars.

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Workshop Files

April 23, 2022

Presentation in Powerpoint

In PP, you can see animations.

Presentation in PDF

Animations removed.

Presentation Narrative

This narrative weaves the story together in support of our conclusions.  There were several main points.

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Project Analyses Files

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Review & Analysis of the proposed Sims Way Gateway Destruction

We provide a significant amount of information and detail that contradicts the agencies narrative.

Mis-Information Crib Sheet 

We summarize the 17 areas of disputed information, at-a-glace, with references.  See also the True or False Quiz.

True or False Quiz

Test your knowledge of the now 20 areas of deception.

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Dec 28th Article

This is an article written by Olympic Environmental Council and Gateway Poplar Alliance members ... originally drafted for the Leader but we still haven't heard back from them.

Letters to the Editor, Port Townsend Leader

Please consider writing a letter in support of these Legacy Trees

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